High Heels for Plus-Size Women

Woman with shoes

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On the cat walk, the options for high heels are endless. This is not 25 years ago where the only high heels available for plus-size women were those orthopedic looking shoes with a chunky heel. The younger generation has redefined fabulous footwear for the plus-size woman by strutting in the highest of heels with the highest of platforms. As a plus-size woman, you have the right not to allow your size to determine your heels. Go as low or as high as your ankles, soles and balls of your feet are comfortable in.


Comfort is most important for any size women. After all, what good is a high heel if it can't be worn for an extended period of time? However, platform high heels are essential for those carrying just a little more weight than the average girl. The arch is low and the heel is high. Whoever wears platform heels can walk comfortably without the risk of wobbling too much because the foot remains on an even keel. Unlike the average high heel, the platform shoe prevents having all of the weight on the balls of the feet.

These high fashion shoes have been in season for the past seven or eight years, so it’s safe to say that they are trending. Platform heels are a plus-size girl’s best friend because she can remain trending and sensible with her fashion.

Kitten heels

Short stilettos, or kitten heels, add a touch of chic to the wearer. They are comfortable shoes that evenly distribute the weight of the wearer. A plus-size girl will not have a lot of pressure on the balls of her feet. If the feet are not chubby or swollen, then these shoes slenderize the entire look of the plus-size girl, regardless of the kitten heel style. From open-toed, to slide-ins to average pumps, the kitten heel makes the feet look smaller.

Strappy heels

Ladies, make sure your toes are pedicured when wearing strappy heels since they will be the highlight of your head to toe look. Ankle straps, T-straps and cross straps are ideal for the plus-size woman because again, they create the illusion of smaller feet. What the waist belt does for the waist, the ankle strap does for ankles; It accentuates the circumference of the ankle. The T-strap minimizes the width of the foot. And the cross strap adds sexiness and a slenderizing flair to your look.

High Heel Wedges

Wedges are number one or two in comfort for the plus-size girl. Even though most arches are much higher than platform heels, wedges are solid and more sturdier than a platform stiletto heel. There is no gap in the sole that renders tension and pressure at the middle arch of the foot. The wedge is a solid surface that provides a more secure hold for the entire foot.