Types of Cowboy Boot Heels

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Buying a pair of cowboy boots can seem simple enough: Find a pair of cowboy boots that fit comfortably and buy them. However, finding the right pair of cowboy boots with the right size and style heel takes careful thought. Different styles of cowboy boots will have different styles of heels. When purchasing cowboy boots, understanding the heels will prove important.

Standard Heel

The most common cowboy boot heel height is a medium size heel, which is also referred to as the standard heel height. The medium heel is 1 1/2-inches in height with a wide flat bottom for good balance. Most cowboys find this heel ideal for walking, riding, and doing other activities such as working on a ranch, or riding in a rodeo.

Low Heel

There are also shorter heel cowboy boots. These also have wide, flat bottoms but are 1-inch or less in height. Individuals involved in roping events more commonly wear boots with a low heel, since these are easier to run and maneuver in. Not surprisingly, this brand of cowboy boot is known as the Roper. The Roper style is also acceptable for general walking and ranch work.

High Heel

The 2-inch or higher cowboy boot heel is not as common. This heel is mostly employed by an individual specifically wanting to add to his or her overall height while wearing the boots. This type of heel can be worn when riding but are not ideal for working in. The high heel style still have the wide, flat bottom.

Spiked Heel

This type of cowboy boot is commonly known as a fashion boot as they are for fashion purposes only. These heels are 3 to 4-inches in high and so add to a the wearer's overall height. Unlike other cowboy boot heels that feature a flat, wide bottom, the spiked heel has a relatively narrow bottom as their name implies.