How to Lace Converse High Tops

by Christina Sloane

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, the iconic canvas basketball shoes, are always going in and out of style. Though the basic appearance of the shoe has remained constant, manufacturing decisions changed through the years, and Converse high-tops often come with laces that are too short to be laced comfortably and stylishly. With the right laces, you should have no problem lacing and tying your high tops.

Step 1

Count the pairs of eyelets on your sneakers. High tops may have eight, nine or 12 eyelet pairs.

Step 2

Select the right laces for your high tops. If they have eight eyelet pairs, choose a 54-inch shoelace. Nine eyelet pairs need a 63-inch shoelace, and the 12 eyelet pair knee high sneakers need a 72-inch lace. Choose flat athletic shoelaces, as opposed to round laces used for dress shoes. Keep in mind that white laces will get dirty faster than darker colored laces.

Step 3

Put one of your shoes on without the laces.

Step 4

Center the tongue and flatten out any creases. By doing this, you can avoid discomfort later on.

Step 5

Thread your shoelace through the top eyelets (closest to the toe) so that the top lace is perpendicular to the shoe, outside of the eyelets. The ends of the laces should go inside the shoe. Draw your laces tight, and make sure you have equal lengths of lace on both sides.

Step 6

Take the lace on the right of the shoe and cross it over to the first free eyelet on the left. Thread it into the eyelet so the lace goes inside the shoe.

Step 7

Take the lace on the left of the shoe and cross it over to the first free eyelet on the right. Thread it into the eyelet so the end of the lace goes inside the shoe.

Step 8

Repeat the last two steps until your shoe is laced up all the way to the top. Tie your shoe as normal.

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