How to Keep Your Sneakers Tight Without Tying Them

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Though tying your sneakers is far from a difficult task to tackle, some individuals elect to leave their shoes untied yet do not want the footwear to go flying off of their feet. If you hope to keep your sneakers tight without tying the laces, there are several things you can do. By determining whether you want a permanent solution to the need to tie the laces, or instead a quick fix, you can decide which option is most appropriate for you.

Tuck Method

Place sneakers on your feet. Pull the tongue of the sneaker up to ensure that you have comfortably positioned it on the foot.

Tighten the laces. Pull the laces to tighten them to a comfortable level of tightness.

Tuck the laces into the shoe. Take the lace on the left side of the shoe and tuck it down into the shoe on this side, pressing it as far into the shoe as possible, as the deeper you push it into the shoe the less likely it is to come loose. Repeat the process on the right side of the shoe.

Elastic Addition

Cut two lengths of elastic approximately 3 inches long. Use whatever thickness of elastic you wish, though the thicker you select the better it will hold your shoe in place.

Pin the pieces into place in the shoes, connecting the two sides of the shoe mouth. Pin one side of the elastic to the interior of the shoe on the right side and the other side to the interior on the left. Position this elastic so it goes over the tongue of the shoe.

Stitch the elastic in place on both sides. When stitching, go through the lining only, keeping your stitching inside the shoe so it doesn’t impact the visual appearance of the shoe.

Add additional pieces of elastic above or below the original if necessary. If you used a thick piece of elastic, one piece should be sufficient; however if you wish for a tighter fit, you can add additional pieces, pinning and stitching them in the same manner as the first.