How to Lace Skate Shoes With a Hidden Knot

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For many skateboarders, having unique-looking shoes is almost as vital to their image as a one-of-a-kind skateboard. Just as they customize their board with stickers and original designs, they personalize their shoes with colored laces and non-traditional lacing techniques. In addition to double lacing, ladder and lattice, the hidden knot is the most commonly used lacing technique.

Hold one shoe in your hand -- as opposed to wearing it on your foot -- while lacing. Position the shoe in front of you, so the toe is closest to you.

Thread one shoelace horizontally across the first set of eyelets closest to the toe. Start threading from the outside of the shoe -- moving inside -- so that only a solid, horizontal bar appears across the top of shoe’s tongue.

Take the end of the lace on the right and run it up the inside of the shoe to the second eyelet on the right. Continue to thread that lace horizontally across the top of the tongue through the second eyelet on the left. At this point, both lace ends will be inside the shoe, to the left of the tongue.

Run the lace end that is threaded through the first eyelet on the left side of the shoe through the third eyelet on the left side. Thread the lace end horizontally across the tongue, through the third eyelet on the right side. You should see three solid bars across the tongue of the shoe through the first three eyelets.

Repeat the previous steps for the remaining eyelets. Once you thread horizontal bars across all of the eyelets, both lace ends should be inside the shoe on the left side of the tongue.

Tie each end of the lace in a knot inside of the shoe -- between the second to last -- and last eyelet on the left. Tuck any remaining lace inside of the shoe.

Insert your foot into the shoe to test for a comfortable fit and adjust the lace to allow for more or less slack, if needed. You may have to undo the knot and retie it to allow for the appropriate amount of slack for the perfect fit.