Top Ten Places to Retire in Colorado

by Mike Broemmel

Planning for retirement is an exciting although challenging process. A key consideration is deciding where you want to reside during your golden years. Colorado is home to quite a few cities that are ideal for men and women in retirement, according to's list of 21 most popular retirement cities in Colorado and's review of the best retirement communities in Colorado, . Many of these locations are also mentioned in the book "Colorado Retirement & Relocation Guide" by Donna Murphy.


Although it is a thriving metropolis, the Mile High City maintains a hometown feel and flair. With a real estate market that has a wide range of housing options, Denver draws retirees from across the country, reports "Colorado Retirement & Relocation Guide." The city boasts dozens of new developments in suburban settings and charming historic neighborhoods that are reviving in spectacular form.


Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains and less than half an hour's drive from Colorado's capital city, Boulder combines convenience and beauty for perfect retirement living, according to Donna Roberts. Boulder is world-renowned for its community-wide commitment to healthy living, reflected in everything from winding walks, bike paths and abundant green spaces to shops and restaurants dedicated to advancing healthy lifestyles.


Louisville exudes a hometown friendliness that hearkens back to days gone by. The town's Main Street allows residents the chance to leisurely stroll, shop or dine in one of the local bistros. Louisville is a particular draw to senior citizens because of its low crime rate, evenly paced lifestyle and convenient proximity to Denver and Boulder.

Fort Collins

A college town about 90 minutes north of Denver, Fort Collins offers those in their golden years a full range of services and activities. Reasonable housing prices and safe streets make Fort Collins compelling to retired people. The town also has complexes for those 55 and older, featuring a full range of services, including transportation around town.

Grand Junction

A mountain community with a storied history, Grand Junction is attractive to people of all ages. The city's reasonably priced housing and high-end properties offer options to retired persons of different financial capabilities.


Durango enjoys moderate temperatures all year round and an average of 300 days of sunshine annually, ideal conditions for people in retirement. Located in the Four Corners region of Colorado, Durango residents enjoy 14,000 feet mountain peaks and plunging desert valleys, a diversity rarely found in the same locale. The city is home to specialized retirement communities in a variety of price ranges.

Estes Park

A highly trafficked tourist town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Estes Park is also a growing community of permanent residents. Retirement in Estes Park often includes a lovely home on a large parcel of land surrounded by trees. Denver and Boulder are both only a short jaunt from this mountainside village.


Some people want to get away from it all during retirement and desire a peaceful and placid place to call home. Lyons fits the bill on all fronts. With affordable housing and an almost nonexistent crime rate, Lyons is the kind of town where neighbors know one another, according to "Colorado Retirement & Relocation Guide."

Grand Lake

Exquisite properties are the hallmark of retirement at Grand Lake. Retirement at Grand Lake means living in a dream home and taking advantage of tremendous recreational offerings. The beauty of Grand Lake has attracted people to its banks for generations.


One of the oldest communities in the Denver area, Littleton offers a wide range of residential options, from luxury homes in gated communities to retirement-only developments in different price ranges. Historic downtown Littleton retains the charm of the early 19th century and is complete with shops, bistros and entertainment.


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