Can I Cook With Porcelain Enamel on a Flat Top Range?

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Flat top ranges are known by several names, including ceramic cooktops, radiant cooktops, and smooth glass cooktops. The typical flat cooktop has a layer of smooth ceramic glass on the surface, covering heated electric coils underneath. Most types of cookware, including porcelain and enamel, can be used for cooking on this type of surface, as long as you adhere to care instructions.

A Watched Pot

Porcelain and enamel pans, including cast iron pans coated with enamel, are generally safe to use on smooth top ranges. The important thing is to make sure that they have a thick, flat bottom to help with the transfer of heat. Keep an eye on these types of pots and pans and never let them boil dry, since excessive heat can cause porcelain to melt. Removal of the melted material is difficult and will potentially cause scars and scratches on your glass top range.

Size Matters

Regardless of whether you are using porcelain, enamel or any other type of cookware, the size of the pan needs to fit the heating element on the cooktop as closely as possible. Pans that are too large can overheat and crack the ceramic cooktop.