How to Use an Iron Skillet on a Ceramic Cooktop

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Using a cast iron skillet has multiple advantages. Iron conducts heat extremely well and the skillet adds an extra fortification of iron to the food that you cook in it. If you have a ceramic cooktop, however, you may wonder if your days of using an iron skillet are over. Although cast iron can potentially scratch a stove top made of ceramic material, there are ways that you can minimize the risk of marring your cooktop when using this type of cookware.

Purchase a cast iron pan that is covered in porcelain enamel. This enamel will help to prevent scratches. Whether your pan is covered in enamel or made of just plain cast iron, use a pan that has a flat, smooth outer bottom rather than any ridges or designs.

Set the pan down gently onto your cooktop.

Stir the food inside the pan if you need to during the cooking process, but never move the pan around while it is on the stove.

Remove the pan from the burner by lifting it gently in a straight upward direction when you are done cooking.