Bronze Cooking Pots

Bronze cookware is used in many restaurants and professional cooking organizations but can also be enjoyed on the personal level at home. The main benefit of using copper cookware is its heat conductivity--the bronze outside and stainless steel cooking area ensures food is completely and equally heated. Its gleaming looks are also attractive when hung in the kitchen or stacked on the shelf. Many famous names in cookware manufacturing provide bronze lines and large sets of pieces may be found in stores, saving money.

Anolon Advanced Bronze

Anolon's bronze collection includes a 10-piece set or piece-by-piece pricing. The Advanced Bronze 10-piece set includes many items used daily in the kitchen and is a way to purchase, at a savings, saucepans, a stockpot, skillets, and lids. The collection is non-stick, hard-anodized and has color coordinating handles. Anolon was created in 1987 when company founders discovered the benefit of combining tough non-stick coating and hard-anodized surfaces. Their SureGrip handle (on every item produced) is made of silicone and stainless steel, which ensures long-lasting comfort.


Mauviel has been producing cookware since 1830, when the company was created in a small French village near Normandy. The village, Villedieu-les-Poeles, translates as the "city of copper" and has a history of over 800 years of copper manufacturing. Throughout the centuries, Mauviel has provided top-line copper cookware to chefs in the professional and commercial markets. The company offers several collections of bronze cookware, including the "M'Cook" line, which has seven layers of protective materials to provide conductivity plus stainless steel handles. The Mauviel web site is in both French and English languages.


While better known for its friendly little doughboy and slews of holiday cookies and breads, the Pillsbury company also manufactures cookware, including bronze cooking pots. Its offerings include a bronze skillet set, square griddle, and 10-inch covered saute pan with lid, each for under $35. Other bronze offerings include accessories such as a grill turner and cleaning brush


Calphalon, sold in thousands of home goods stores, department stores, and convenience super stores, offers many options for bronze cookware. The company's pieces have an aluminum inner core, flared rims for easy pouring, and stainless steel handles. They are oven and broiler safe. Many stores sell a large set of Calphalon bronze cookware that enables the buyer to stock up on many kitchen items while saving money.


Farberware's bronze cooking materials include an enamel finish, glass lids, silicone and stainless steel handles, and a non-stick interior. For over 100 years, Farberware has sold countless items to make your cooking smoother and more enjoyable. From their very first product, "the Coffee Robot," to their endless cookware offerings, they provide value, reliability and classic styling. The bronze cookware in their line includes different sized pots, skillets and pans. Sets are available, such as their Affiniti line.