Are Halogen Heat & Infrared Waves Safe for Cooking?

Gone are the days when your cooking choice was limited to gas or electric, or even microwave. Technological advances have introduced new methods including quartz-halogen and infrared.

Halogen Technology

Halogen cook-tops work by replacing the metal resistance coil in a glass topped range with a halogen lamp. These cook-tops combine the ease of installation of an electric unit with most of the control and responsiveness of a gas unit. Plus they are easy to clean.

Halogen Safety Features

These sealed units have a reflective layer to focus all of the energy into the pot or pan. Underneath that is an insulation layer. There is also a temperature limiter to keep the unit from getting too hot.

Infrared Technology

Infrared energy is the same type of energy as light, it is just farther down the spectrum and out of the range where we can see it. Infrared cooking directs infrared energy at food similar to the way a glowing piece of charcoal does.

Infrared Safety

Infrared cookers, ovens and grills use 100% infra red energy. This is the same type of energy that warms your skin when you go outside.


Both halogen heat and infrared waves are safe for cooking. They both use light energy to cook your food, you just can’t see it in infrared cooking.