Party Ideas With an India Theme


Throw an India-themed party for your next birthday, anniversary, bridal or baby shower, and make it a memorable event for guests. There are several ways to incorporate the Indian culture into the invitations, decor, wardrobe and activities. Preparing some classic dishes from India will pull the whole party together.

India Decorations

Incorporate an India theme through your decorations. Use bold colors such as gold, red, blue and yellow in satin, silk or brocade fabric to cover chairs and walls. Add embellished accent pillows to couches, chairs and floors. Use gold accents in flatware and napkins or the tablecloth and table decorations. Elephants are a traditional Indian symbol; place elephant statues and pictures around the party area and on tables.


Instruct your guests to wear traditional Indian wardrobes. Women wear saris and tunics and men wear long tunics over trousers. Saris are typically cotton or silk fabric that is five to seven yards long and wrapped around the waist and shoulder to form a skirt or toga-like garment. As a substitute, men and women can wear colorful pashminas over their clothes and around their heads.


Prepare some crafts that relate to Indian culture. Buy beads and the necessary tools from the craft store so guests can make their own jewelry. Decorating pottery, weaving baskets or stamping homemade cards are also be fun activities for guests. Buy plain-colored scarves and have guests use fabric paints to personalize them. Making candles is also a traditional Indian craft.


Set out chess boards for guests to play, since this game originates from India, according to Marbles is another traditional game from Indian, called kanchey. Indian music and DVDs can be purchased to allow guests to perform traditional Indian dances. Painting henna on hands and arms is another activity that honors the Indian culture.


Prepare Indian dishes for your guests to enjoy. Side dishes can include mango raisin chutney, curry lentil or stir-fried cauliflower. Cook saffron rice and prepare a coconut curry chicken as a main dish. Spicy foods are indicative of the Indian culture. For dessert, coconut cookies or baklava would suit the India theme well.