How to Find Your Biological Father

by Amanda Sykora

According to the Counseling and Empowerment Consulting Group, "Twenty-four million children in the United States live without their biological father." Searching for your biological father can be a time-consuming and emotionally draining experience, one for which you must prepare yourself for what may happen, be it good or bad. Remember there are no guarantees that even if you find your biological father, that he will want to meet you. If you are adamant about finding him, the following are some processes to make your journey easier.

Start with your father's name, age and birth date. If you don't have this information, obtain a copy of your birth certificate to see if there is a father's name listed. (Birth certificates can be ordered online at for a small fee.)

Collect as must information as possible from family members and other people who may have known him in the past. Interview people where he worked or where he spent the vast majority of his time.

Call around. Look for people with the same last name in any city he may have lived in. You may not find him directly, but you might find a relative who can provide more information.

Search social-networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. As of September 2009, Facebook claimed more than 300 million people registered.

Pay to use a people-search site, such as or Sites like this can often provide you with recent addresses, phone numbers and public-records information, such as marriage and death records, bankruptcy information and any lawsuits, judgments or liens he may have against him.

Hire a private investigator who specializes in missing persons. Private investigators have access to many databases that are not available to the general public. Also, they are proficient in searching public records and sifting through large amounts of data.

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