How to Find a High School Picture Online

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Do you want to see your school picture from the 11th grade? How about your senior class photo or that school newspaper group photo? One of the most memorable things to come out of high school are the pictures. Whether these are your class photos or group photos with a sports team or school club, seeing old pictures again can relive fun high school memories. Even if you cannot find your yearbook or did not purchase one, old high school pictures are available online.

Search for Photos at the E-Yearbook Website

E-Yearbook is a website specifically designed to find yearbook photos from middle school, high school, college and even the military. After registering, you will have access to high-resolution and full-color yearbook photos all by using your web browser. Search for yearbook photos by typing in the name of your school or college or searching specifically by state. To register, go to the registration section on the website. Enter your name and address and answer a question pertaining to your interest in yearbooks. After you create an account, choose your form of payment from the various options listed.

Try displays information from various schools and includes old photos provided by your fellow classmates who are current members. You must register for the website to be in contact with others that are part of the website. Registration is free, but other parts of the website require a fee for membership and services that may include viewing photos.

Sleuth Around on Social Media

Since the E-Yearbook and Classmates sites aren't exhaustive, you may have better success on Facebook – many people are using the network to create groups or pages dedicated to old high school photos from their class and school. After you supply information about your past schooling, such as your high school and college information, search for former classmates who may have posted old high school pictures. Photos can be found in the personal albums of your classmates or in groups specifically created by classmates. Even if your yearbook photo isn't posted there, you can probably connect with a former classmate who has one and is willing to scan the photo in for you.