How to Find a Person in Las Vegas

by Ashley Morgan

Finding a person, especially in a large city such as Las Vegas, may seem like a daunting task. However, the Internet makes finding individuals by name much easier. Public records, such as property documents, tax filings and addresses are now easily found online, saving you from the old fashioned way of searching through heavy public records documents or waiting in line at the courthouse for information.

Use the Las Vegas White Pages

Go to the Las Vegas White Pages' website online.

Enter the last name of the individual you are looking for and her first initial. Do not enter her full first name, as sometimes listings are under a first initial only.

Enter a zip code or city name, in this case Las Vegas, NV.

Scroll through the list that comes up to find the person you are searching for.

Use the Clark County Property Assessor Website

Go to the Clark County Property Assessor website.

Search by clicking "Owner Name" from the left hand menu under "Real Property Records" or "Manufactured Housing (Mobile Home) Records".

Enter the last name of the individual you are searching for. Click submit.

Scroll through the list that comes up and click on the blue highlighted parcel number once you have found the name you were looking for.

Hire a Private Investigator

Search for a private investigator online in the Las Vegas area.

Contact several private investigation companies and compare pricing.

Hire your chosen private investigator and wait for results.

Items you will need

  • Last name of the individual
  • Computer
  • Internet access

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