How to Windproof a Carhartt Jacket

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Carhartt is one of the most popular brands of clothing for construction workers. Most of their jackets are lined with a thermal shell and a special fire-retardant coating that makes them a safe and warm choice for site work. Made of cotton and duck canvas material, Carhartt jackets can withstand the abuse of heavy work. The material of the jacket is not wind- or waterproof, and a good storm can penetrate the thermal layer. Use an old-fashioned but proven technique to windproof a Carhartt jacket and the get the bonus of being waterproof as well.

Hang the Carhartt jacket over a tarp so any of the windproof coating that might drip during application will be easy to clean up.

Melt the wax and rosin into the linseed oil using a double boiler until they are completely blended into a liquid mixture.

Cover the outer shell of the Carhartt jacket with the mixture by painting it onto the cloth with a paintbrush. Make sure that the surface is completely saturated. Pay special attention to the seams because they have two layers of fabric.

Let the jacket air dry for 24 hours. Re-apply the coating every two months to maintain the wind and waterproof coating.