How to Apply DuckBack Oil on Duster Jackets

Oilskin dusters are trench coat inspired outerwear with western features, including a long detachable cape, leather top collar and leg straps. These coats typically hang below the knee and are made from heavy canvas that has been treated with a mixture of oils and waxes to make it waterproof. Oilskin dusters require minimal cleaning, but proper care and maintenance is necessary for long-lasting wear. Since these coats will eventually loose their waterproofing qualities over time, it is important to routinely apply a reproofing cream or oil. DuckBack oil is designed to waterproof the oilskin duster's fabric and prolong its appearance and performance.

Use a soft-bristled clothing brush to brush away any loose dirt from your duster.

Dampen a soft cloth with a solution of cold water and mild liquid detergent. Gently sponge away any remaining spots of dirt. Hang the coat up in a warm place and allow it to completely air dry.

Remove the lid on the jar of DuckBack oil. Place the open jar into a bowl of hot water to melt the product into liquid. You can also set the open jar outside and let the sun melt it.

Hang the duster up in a place where you can work. For optimal results, hang the duster outside on a warm day to heat up the coat. This process will help the canvas absorb the oil properly. If you can not work outside, or you are caring for the duster in colder weather, you can use a blow dryer on low heat to warm the duster. Keep the blow dryer at a safe distance so that you do not damage the coat, and warm the entire surface.

Use a soft-bristled paint brush to evenly apply a thin coat of oil to the entire surface, adding extra oil to the seams and folds. You can alternatively use a soft cloth to apply the oil; simply dab the cloth into the liquid and rub the oil in a circular motion over the entire surface.

Let the duster sit in the sun so that the oil can fully penetrate the fabric. Use a blow dryer on a low setting if you are working indoors.