How to Treat Leather Boots With Neatsfoot Oil

by Christina Martinez ; Updated September 28, 2017

Prevent leather boots from drying out by treating them with neatsfoot oil.

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Any leather goods, especially leather boots, tend to dry out and crack if not taken care of properly. Neatsfoot oil is long-lasting and may be used on many leather products, including saddles, gloves and boots. Neatsfoot oil is applied to leather boots to condition and soften the leather. In addition, the nondrying oil keeps leather boots from becoming brittle and dry. Apply the oil as an initial conditioning agent when you first obtain your leather shoes.

Saturate a soft cloth or paintbrush with room-temperature neatsfoot oil.

Coat the entire surface of clean, dry leather boots with the oil, using the cloth or paintbrush. Apply the oil sparingly, and wipe off any excess.

Allow the oil to soak into the leather boots and even out the color. Let your boots dry completely, usually overnight.

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