How to Make a Helghast Costume

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Since the release of the original “Killzone” game in 2004, the franchise has hit the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 game consoles and the PlayStation Portable, PSP, with four games in the franchise, as of 2011. The game is a first-person shooter involving two rivaling forces, the ISA and Helghast. If you are a “Killzone” fan and want to dress as a Helghast soldier for your next Cosplay costume, for Halloween or your next costume party, use items from your local thrift store and military supply store to create the costume.

Wear a dark grey pair of cargo pants and matching dark grey dress shirt. Place a full-length dark grey or black watchcoat over the battle dress uniform. Watchcoats are wool overcoats worn by the military. Look for a watchcoat at military supply stores or the thrift store.

Place a black leather belt around the waist of the watchcoat. Before attaching the buckle of the belt, place a 5-foot by 3-foot black canvas tarp with metal grommets over the belt. Fold the canvas on an angle to create a triangle, placing the belt inside the folded tarp. If you cannot find a black canvas tarp, use a white one and dye it with fabric dyes.

Cut a piece of red fabric 1-inch wider than your forearm, 5 inches wide. Roll the fabric into a tube. Sew a piece of Velcro on the fabric, where the two ends meet. Cut a 4-inch wide white circle from fabric. Hot glue the circle to the red armband. Draw a black Y on the white circle using a black fabric marker. Wear the armband on your left arm.

Wear a load-bearing vest over top of the watchcoat. Find a load-bearing vest at the military supply store, as well.

Spray paint the outside of a reusable paint respirator using black spray paint. Allow the paint to dry overnight. Tie a 12-inch by 18-inch piece of black cloth around your face, just below the nose piece of the respirator.

Wear a black Kevlar motorcycle helmet. If the helmet is shiny, spray the outside with a dull finish black spray paint. Allow the paint to dry overnight before wearing it.

Wear black boots that sit knee high. If possible, add a pair of snow gaiters to make the boots look larger.

Attach an orange battery-operated LED light into the inside of each eyepiece of a pair of black welding goggles. Hot glue the LED light on the top center edge of the goggles. Turn the lights on to make the eyes glow.

Wear a pair of black leather winter gloves to finish the look.