Storage Ideas for Artificial Silk Flower Supplies

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Organization is essential when keeping all of your silk flower supplies in one craft area. Silk flowers, which are used to create wedding bouquets, table arrangements and decorative home accents, are awkward to store and can take up a lot of room. The supplies used to clip, cut and tie silk flowers are endless and should be stored properly to maintain their pristine appearance.

Storage Drawers

Plastic or metal storage units that contain drawers are ideal for silk flower supplies. Most drawer storage units contain wheels on the bottom for easy movement from one area to another. The units, which typically come with two large drawers, three medium drawers or three drawers ranging from small to large, can be purchased at storage solution stores. Take along your list of supplies that you will need to fit into the drawers, so you can determine what sizes you will need.

Modular Storage

Storage units are stationary storage cubbies with drawers or baskets. These storage solutions can be purchased as a modular unit to take apart and rearrange to accommodate different sizes of drawers or baskets. The cubbies can be customized to fit different sizes for different tools and supplies such as long, narrow drawers for ribbons and wire, small drawers for wire clippers and large bottom storage for Styrofoam or flower stems.

Ribbon Organizer

Keep ribbon easily accessible and tangle free by purchasing or making a ribbon organizer. Ribbons tie flowers together, wrap around bridal bouquets and twist into a bow for a polished appearance. These organizers, made from a cardboard or a plastic box, contain a dowel rod to feed through the center holes on a ribbon wheel. The rod secures at one end of the box to the other, which allows the ribbon to stay put but still able to turn to release the ribbon for use. Ribbon organizers can accommodate any size of ribbon and include a lid for easy storage and stacking.

Plastic Storage Tubs

Maintain the pristine look of silk flowers by storing them in airtight plastic containers. Silk flowers typically come attached to the stem, which is either cut off or used when creating different arrangements. Store the flowers with the stems in long, large containers to avoid pressing them down and flattening the flower heads. Label the container with the name of the flower for easy identification. Plastic storage tubs can also be used to store plastic wrapping for transportation of the flowers, large Styrofoam forms for silk flower arranging and oddly shaped items such as plastic ground vases.