How to Prevent Bananas From Browning Too Quickly

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Unlike most fruits, bananas improve and become rich in flavor and perfect for eating when they are shipped green and allowed to ripen off the bush. Once you bring bananas home from the supermarket, the flavorful tropical fruit keeps at room temperature for three to five days. However, sealing the banana stems securely in plastic slows ripening by inhibiting the release of ethylene, a gas that occurs naturally as part of the ripening process.

Wrapping Stems in Plastic

Step 1

Purchase bananas that display green along the ridges and on the tips if you don't plan to eat the fruit right away. Slightly unripe bananas have a longer storage life.

Step 2

Pull apart the bunch into single bananas as soon as you bring them home.

Step 3

Separate a 3- to 4-inch-length of plastic wrap from the roll to create a narrow, rectangular shape.

Step 4

Wrap the strip of plastic wrap tightly around each banana stem several times, then tuck in the end securely so the wrap stays snug.

Step 5

Leave the plastic in place until you are ready to eat the banana. As a general rule, wrapping the stems securely keeps bananas fresh for at least a week.