How to Freeze Ramps & Wild Leeks

Wild leeks are also known as "ramps." The perennial vegetables have a strong garlic odor and an onionlike flavor. The vegetable has broad, green, edible leaves and a purple-tinted stem. The bulbs on wild leeks are small and appear similar to scallions. Since the wild leeks, or ramps, reach their peak during the springtime, you may choose to freeze them to enjoy their flavor throughout the year.

Wash the wild leeks under cool running water to remove any dirt. Remove the outer papery skin from the ramps.

Dry the produce with paper towels to remove the excess moisture.

Remove the green ends from the ramps. Leave the roots intact. Slice the wild leeks or leave them whole.

Place the wild leeks into a freezer storage bag. Remove the air from the freezer bag and seal it shut.

Place the wild leeks in the freezer. Store the leeks in the freezer for up to three months for best results.