How to Color a Salt & Pepper Beard to Match Salt & Pepper Hair

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Although grey hear is widely well-regarded on most men, beard growth often does not match hair color. This is especially true with salt-and-pepper hair, where what's on your face has more grey content than what's on your head. In these cases, you'll want to use the right beard coloring kit to match growth throughout, making your beard's color tones more uniform and neat.

Open the kit and put on the supplied rubber gloves.

Read the instructions to see if you have to mix the dye with some sort of activating agent. This is common in many kits.

Examine the color chart -- if one is included -- with the coloring kit to best match your beard with the grey and color mix in your hair. If no color chart is included, start by using less dye and activator than you may think you should, since it's easier to add more on a second application rather than attempting to remove too much.

Apply the mixture within the time frame indicated by the manufacturer. Usually this is only a few minutes.

Comb the dye through your beard evenly, using the supplied application comb.

Re-apply as needed until a satisfactory match is achieved. Leave the dye on your beard for smaller time periods -- usually 5 minutes or so -- for less color penetration. Leave it on a little longer for increased color saturation. Consult the instructions for the kit's specific application time frame.

Wash and dry your beard completely. Re-apply as needed.