How to Get Grey Out of Mustache & Beard

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Men looking to remove grey from their mustache or beard typically use a dye, coloring the grey areas to match their natural hair color. When deciding to take this step, men should keep in mind that the dye will need to be regularly applied approximately every four weeks to stay ahead of new hair growth and keep the grey out.

Buy a dye kit from a local grocery or drug store. There are many different types of kits available to dye your mustache and beard, so choose the brand and color that appeals the most to you.

Open the kit and carefully read the instructions. Not all dye kits are the same, so it is important that you understand how the chemicals are designed to mix with one another. Mixing them incorrectly may lead to undesirable results with the dye.

Put on the gloves that are included with the kit.

Apply the dye to your mustache and beard using the small brush that comes with the kit. Apply lightly at first to determine how effective the dye is on your mustache and beard color. Let the dye set for the amount of time determined by the instructions.

Wash the dye from your mustache and beard. Observe the results. Re-apply dye and repeat Step 3 if the color isn't dark enough.

Clean your sink and any other areas in the bathroom where dye may have been inadvertently spilled. Dispose of the gloves, brush, leftover dye and any other implements included in the kit that are left over.