How to Bleach Hair Permanently

Altering your hair color permanently is not an easy task. It takes patience and the right materials to do so. Bleaching your hair permanently is a new realm of difficulty because it could possibly lead to some hair loss. However, it is possible to bleach your hair permanently and relatively safely.

Purchase some bleach from a hair-care store. Most places that sell shampoo and conditioner will also sell hair color like bleach. Make sure you purchase a high quality bleach because some of the lower-quality bleaches do not stick and may cause some hair loss. The more you spend on the bleach, the more likely you are to have a better bleach.

Read the instructions that come with the bleach carefully. Because different brands and colors work differently, there ares no universal instructions for all of them. Things will vary based on what type of bleach your purchase and its grade.

Wet your hair down with cool water to clear away any dirt or grease that might be in it. Even if you hair is very clean, it is always a good idea to clear out any impurities that might still be in your hair.

Mix the bleach according to the instructions on the box. This will usually involve mixing a powder or cream with water. If it is a powder, make sure that all of the powder molecules are mixed in with the water to make a paste.

Using your hands, apply the bleach to your hair over a sink or bathtub. Slather it generously all over your head until it is entirely covered. For the bleach to last longer, make sure your rub it into your scalp firmly so that the pigmentation of the roots is affected as well.

Wash out the bleach mix with cool water over a sink or tub. Let the hair air-dry for a few hours or blow dry it with the dryer set on low. You will be left with bleached hair. This process may need to be redone every few months for a while until the pigmentation of the roots change permanently, so be persistent.