How to Remove Spray-on Hair Color From Your Hair

Spray-on hair dye is an excellent way to change your hair color fast and evenly. It’s also fantastic for achieving a more unusual hair color, such as blue or purple, as it leaves a much more vibrant color then conventional hair dye. Washing it out incorrectly can lead to streaky hair, and damage the quality of your hair, which makes it much harder to cover up. Luckily, it does come out quite easily.

Wash your hair in very warm water, using a strong shampoo such as Head and Shoulders.

Apply a deep cleanse hair mask, and leave it on for the maximum recommended time. Leaving it on any longer may cause hair damage.

Re-wash your hair using your normal shampoo.

Apply a conditioner. This is just to restore your hair to its former healthiness, so your favorite conditioner will be fine.

Dry hair vigorously.

Apply a hair color very close to your natural color if necessary. Colors such as blue may leave deep tones in the hair when washed out, so a color can be useful for hiding this.