How to Get Rid of Bronze Hair Color


So you dyed your hair bronze a few months ago, and now you've decided you hate it. This has happened to many women. Maybe you thought a bronze hair color would look good on you, and you discovered that it didn't. Maybe you are tired of it, or maybe the bronze color has dulled or even turned into another color. Whatever your reason, you now want to get rid of your bronze hair color. Here is how you can get rid of that bronze color for good.

Mix one tablespoon of bleach with two tablespoons of shampoo in a plastic container that you don't plan on using for anything else again.

Wash your hair with the bleach and shampoo mixture. Knead your hair from the roots to the ends to make sure you are getting all the areas that have color.

Rinse your hair. You should notice that the color has been removed.

Condition your hair with a leave-in conditioner because bleach can be very drying to your hair and this will help to prevent damage.

Purchase a commercial dye remover such as Color Fix, by Jheri Redding, or L'Oreal Color Zap.

Put your disposable gloves on, and mix the color reducer and the conditioning catalyst per the instructions on or in the box.

Apply the mixture of color reducer and conditioning catalyst evenly to your hair.

Put your plastic processing cap on. Leave the mixture on your hair for at least 20 minutes, making sure to check the color of your hair periodically.

Rinse your hair for three to five minutes, and then shampoo it. If your hair is not the desired color, repeat Steps 2-4 up to two more times.

Apply the processing lotion for five minutes once your hair is the color you want it to be. Be aware that this step may return your hair to a previously darker color. If this happens, repeat Steps 2-4 until you get the color you want.

Rinse your hair very well, then dry it with a warm heat setting. This should have removed your bronze hair coloring.

Apply a new color if you want to re-color your hair.