How to Remove Henna From Hair


If you recently dyed your hair with henna but realize you don't like the look as much as you thought you would, it may be time to remove it. Whether you're just looking for a change, or the color turned out redder than expected, you can attempt to remove the henna at home. Unfortunately, unless you want to completely bleach your hair and start over, which is very damaging to the hair follicles and will most likely require the help of a professional, you will probably not be able to remove all of the henna from your hair. After you have taken out some of the henna, you can dye your hair a different color, or try the henna process again if desired.

Rub mineral oil into dry, clean hair until the scalp and hair are completely saturated. You can purchase mineral oil at your local drugstore or grocery store.

Massage head to evenly distribute the mineral oil.

Place hair in a shower cap.

Blow dry the shower cap with a warm hair dryer until scalp and hair feel warm.

Leave the shower cap on for half an hour.

Take the shower cap off and wash hair thoroughly with your normal shampoo.

Let hair air dry. After your hair is completely dry, you may re-dye your hair if desired.