How Can I Keep My Newly Highlighted Hair From Falling Out?

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Many people who get highlights have several concerns about maintaining their newly colored hair. In addition to preserving the color, you want to make sure that it will not break or fall out. Avoiding harmful chemicals and using products that will keep your hair healthy will help with this process. You will also need to consider the effects of your hair styling techniques on your highlights.

Do not get in a chlorinated pool. You should not swim in a pool with chlorine for at least two to three weeks after highlighting your hair. The chemicals can change the color of your hair and weaken it, which could cause it to eventually fall out. If you have made a drastic change in your hair color, such as putting blonde highlights in black hair, then you should be especially careful not to let chlorine get in your hair, since it requires more chemicals to make dark hair lighter.

Brush your hair gently. Do not yank your hair or run the brush through it fast or forcefully. Hold your hair against your head and run the bristles through it slowly and gently. You may also want to use a circular brush so that it glides through your hair easily and does not pull.

Do not dye your hair too frequently. If you have recently gotten highlights and want to dye your hair again, wait at least three weeks. Continuously dyeing your hair weakens its strength. If you use dye too often, especially permanent dyes, your hair could become thin and fall out.

Do not let your hair come in contact with peroxide. If you want to dye your eyebrows to match your new highlights or you use any facial care products that contain peroxide, make sure it does not get in your hair. Repeatedly applying peroxide to already dyed hair will eventually cause it to turn orange and then fall out.

Avoid damaging hair products. You should not use products with harsh chemicals, such as relaxers. Do not straighten your hair excessively. If you occasionally use a straightener, do not put the heat setting above the middle range. You may consider blowing it straight instead. Other harsh hair treatments such as perms can also damage your colored hair. Avoiding these treatments and products will reduce the chances of your hair falling out.

Use products that will keep your hair healthy. Buy shampoos and conditioner that preserve colored hair. The label on the bottle will specify whether these products are made for colored hair. Vitamin-enriched shampoos and conditioners are also a plus.