How to Use Peroxide to Fade Out Black Hair Color

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Whether seeking to lighten natural black hair or a botched attempt at hair dying, fading black hair can easily be accomplished by avoiding harsh chemicals and instead using peroxide to achieve a lighter-colored look.


Acquire a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a spray bottle from a local pharmacy. Hydrogen peroxide is usually sold as a 3 percent solution, though higher concentrations will lighten hair to a greater degree, so individuals should use their own judgment when considering how much they want to lighten their hair.

Applying Peroxide

Fill the spray bottle with peroxide. Spray the peroxide on dry hair with no products in it. Comb the peroxide evenly through your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes. After this, wash the peroxide out of your hair. Repeating the process will continue to lighten hair until it has achieved the desired shade.


As darker hair grows in, the lighter look can be maintained by the continual application of hydrogen peroxide. Because of the gentle nature of the peroxide mixture, it can be used frequently with few adverse side effects.