How to Dye Your Beard and Not Stain Your Skin

A common problem of beard coloring is facial staining, which can draw negative attention to the face, defeating the purpose of coloring. Those with dry skin are more likely to have this problem. The application of baby oil, barrier cream or petroleum jelly not only prevents staining, it soothes dry skin in the process.

Dab a small amount of petroleum jelly, barrier cream or baby oil on your fingers. Use the jelly or cream if you are worried about a lingering baby powder scent.

Apply the jelly, cream or oil just above the hairline of the beard. Follow the shape of the beard precisely, adding more jelly or oil to your fingers as needed. The goal is to cover the skin nearest the beard with an even, thick layer as a shield. Make sure not to get any of the product into the hair. Repeat the process underneath your beard on your neck.

Follow the instructions on the beard dye kit. Make sure not to place too much dye on the application comb, which can make it difficult to control the dye. Apply the dye as close to the top of the beard by the cheek as possible, touching the skin only slightly. Leave the dye on for the recommended period of time.

Remove the dye from the beard using the recommended method explained on the box of beard dye. Trace the lines above and below the beard with a soft towel, using small, circular motions to remove the product from your skin. If it you are having difficulty removing all of the product, dampen the cloth and try again. Make sure to remove all the product, as it can create a greasy appearance.