How to Adjust an Andis T-Outliner

The Andis T-Outliner is a professional trimmer that is ideal for trimming beards, mustaches, necks, as well as shaping around the ears. Periodically, the blades need to be re-adjusted after a normal course of wear and tear. This is usually evidenced by a loud buzzing noise when the clippers are turned on or the blade appearing to be dull when attempting to cut hair. Cleaning and adjusting the blades will return your T-Outliner to good form.

Turn off your clippers and make sure they are not plugged in.

Unscrew the top two screws on the back of the T-Outliner blade. Take off the blade (which should contain a larger top blade and a smaller bottom blade as well as a brown piece). Slide out the bottom blade and clean both the bottom and the top blades with the clipper brush, toothbrush or dry cloth to remove any built-up hair and gunk.

Unscrew the smaller inner screws (there should be two of them). Remove the brown small brown piece that the bottom blade was covering.

Lightly spray the coolant spray onto the blades and brown piece to properly clean and sanitize.

Reinsert the brown piece and screw the inner screws back in halfway through the holes in the brown piece and the top blade piece. The screws should be in far enough such that the brown piece is attached to the top blade but have enough leeway such that the brown piece can be scooted up or down, away from or towards, the teeth of the top blade piece.

Place the smaller blade back on top of the brown piece. Move both the smaller bottom blade piece and the brown piece up toward or down away from the teeth of the top blade piece. The position of the brown piece and the smaller bottom blade piece determines how sharp the clippers are going to be.

Adjust according to preference and finish screwing in the inner screws.

Put the top blade back on top of the clipper body and replace the two top screws.

Turn on the clippers and lightly oil the blades. Let the clippers run for a few moments and then turn the T-Outliner off.