Citizen Navihawk Battery Replacement Instructions

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The unique design of the Citizen Navihawk watch allows it to be an analog watch and a digital watch simultaneously. Its main feature is the ability to display time and date from 30 world cities in 22 different time zones. Its settings include a quick interchangeable time setting to alternate between analog and digital displays, a hand-retracting system to view the digital display if hidden and three city alarms. The Navihawks' complex design goes hand in hand with its complex settings, which require precision and care. The battery usually lasts about three years before it needs to be replaced. If you need to replace the battery, follow instructions carefully to avoid damage to the watch.

Replacing Battery

Lay the Navihawk watch flat on a table with its back facing you.

Remove the back cover of the watch to replace the battery. You will need a watchcase-opening tool to do this. Locate six tiny holes on the back of the watch and insert the watchcase-opening tool into them after setting it up so that its pins match the locations of the tiny holes. Then, insert the pins of the tool into the holes of the watch. Push gently while turning the tool counterclockwise until the back separates from the watchcase. The back of a Citizen Navihawk watch is screwed tightly onto the watch and can only be taken off this way. Remove the back completely.

Locate the small battery under a diamond-shaped cover. Use a magnifying glass if necessary to see the tiny parts of the watch clearly. Using small tweezers, lift the cover off the battery and pop out the old battery.

Place the new Citizen #280-44 (SR927W) battery into the hole where the old battery was and put the diamond-shaped cover back on. Once the battery is installed, press the + side of the battery twice and then press AR twice, which stands for all reset. This is necessary to replace the battery correctly and to prevent malfunction.

Put the back cover onto the watchcase and turn clockwise by hand tightening as much as possible. Place the watch opening case into the holes as you did to open them, turning clockwise until the case is tight on the watch. Use a wrench to rotate the watch opening case and to help you tighten the back cover.

Press and release the (M) button on the lower right side of the watch, moving the mode indicator to TME or time. Pull it out one click and set it at 0. Hold the upper left, lower left and upper right buttons simultaneously to highlight the digital display. Then, press and release each button setting it at 0. Press and release the upper left button to display MIN, or minutes and pressing the upper right button, set the minute hand at 0.

Push in the lower right button. The watch will beep to confirm the all reset and 0 position. It will reset and adjust automatically to the newly replaced battery. Once the new battery is installed, the all reset is performed and the watch is positioned to 0, the Citizen Navihawk will work properly. Time settings may need to be changed, but only after those tasks are performed first.