How to Calibrate a Timex E Compass Watch

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The most prominent feature on a Timex E-model watch is the built-in compass, which helps if you're a camper or hiker due to its user-friendly design. However, it does require some set-up. For example, the first time you intend to use it, or every time you change your Timex's battery, you need to calibrate the compass.

Pull the center crown (the main button centered on the right side of your Timex) one click outward to its middle position. Press the push button (the button located on the right side of your Timex, just under the center crown) to activate the compass.

Place the watch on a flat surface and wait for it to rotate two revolutions on its own to signify that the user needs to rotate it.

Rotate the watch two revolutions in a clockwise motion. Do this slowly, making sure each revolution takes at least fifteen seconds to accomplish.

Press the push button again. The compass hand swings back and forth and rests at its current declination angle.

Turn the outer ring of your Timex so that the "North" heading lines up with the 12 on the watch face. Press and hold the push button to set the declination angle and press the center crown when done.