Timex Ironman Sleek Night Mode Instructions

time image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.com

The Times Ironman series of watches are designed to be functional as both a watch and a training device. The Sleek sub-series is designed to be smaller than the original Ironman series, and less heavy on the wrist. In addition to its training functions, you can also enable Night mode, which makes it easier to check your watch in darkness. Night mode allows you to press any button and automatically trigger the watch's "Indi-glo" functionality. Enabling night mode on your Ironman Sleek is very easy and only takes a few moments.

Press and hold the "INDIGLO" button for four seconds. This button is at the bottom of the watch, right under the face.

Look at the face of the watch. When you see a little crescent moon appear, night mode is active. While in this mode, pressing any button will cause the INDIGLO light to automatically come on.

Press and hold the INDIGLO button for four seconds to deactivate night mode. The crescent moon symbol will disappear. Note: Night Mode will automatically deactivate after 8 hours.