How to Set a G-Shock Glide Watch

Developed by Japanese watch giant Casio, the chunky, colorful and durable G-Shock watches are aimed at fashion-conscious children, young people and adults with active lifestyles. Launched in 1983, the brand has featured many different styles and versions over the years, including the G-Lide model. While the casings and colors may be different, G-Shock watches are set in the same way, except the versions fitted with advanced atomic timekeeping technology. Users must select which function they wish to set and adjust each feature manually by pressing one of five buttons.

Time and Date

Hold the main "Adjust" button located on the upper left side of the watch face until the seconds digits start to flash.

Press the button on the lower left side to change the time or date. Each time you press this button, the watch advances through one step of the following sequence: seconds, hours, minutes, year, month, date. The selected feature will flash continually.

Change the feature of your choice by pressing the button in the bottom right hand corner to increase the number. Hold down this button to change the number more quickly. Note that the day of the week is configured automatically with the date.

Press the "Adjust" button or wait for the watch to return automatically to normal mode by not touching any button for a few minutes.


Press the "Adjust" button while the watch is in alarm mode until the feature you wish to change is flashing.

Rotate through the hour, minutes, month and date options by holding down the button found on the lower left side. Press the button located to the bottom right of the watch face to increase the number displayed until you reach the desired time and date for the alarm.

Return to alarm mode by pressing the "Adjust" button again.

Countdown Alarm

Press the "Adjust" button while in countdown alarm mode, and wait for the hours digits to flash.

Touch the button on the the watch's lower left side to advance to the minutes and seconds options. The hours, minutes and seconds are increased by pressing the button to the lower right of the watch face.

Finish setting the countdown alarm by pressing the "Adjust" button again.