How to Change the Time on the Casio Mudman

by Chris Waller ; Updated September 28, 2017

The Casio company is known for making watches. Its Mudman model of watch is specially for those who need to wear a watch in extreme conditions. This watch is resistant to water, dirt and extreme temperatures to ensure that the user will be able to keep time in any environment. Use a few controls on the watch face to change the time.

Hold down the "A" button located on the top left side of the watch until the city code at the bottom of the watch face begins to blink. Press the "B" button located at the top left side of the watch and the "D" button located below it to change the city to one that is in your time zone.

Press the "C" button, located below the "A" button, to switch to the next setting to change. The "DST" icon will begin to blink. Press "B" to turn DST off if needed, then press "C" to move on to the time mode setting. The "12hr" or "24hr" icon will flash. Press the "B" button to change between the two and press C" to move on.

Press the "B" and "D" buttons to change the seconds, which will be flashing. Press "C" again to move to the hour, which will begin flashing. Use the "B" and "D" buttons to change the hour, and press the "C" button to move on to the seconds. Use the "B" and "D" buttons again to edit the minutes and press "C" to change the date and time.

Press the "B" and "D" buttons once again to change the "Day" on the mini calendar on the watch face. Press "C" to move on to the "Month" category and change it using "B" and "D." Pressing "C" once more will move on to the "Year" category to change the year. Press the "A" button when finished to save your changes.

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