G-Shock Instructions

by Carrie Burns ; Updated September 28, 2017

Casio developed the G-Shock line of watches to be nearly unbreakable, perfect for consumers living active lifestyles. With features including alarms, a stopwatch, date display and a backlight, the G-Shock line of digital wristwatches offer more than just the time.

Set the time and date. Press the top left button while the watch is in time-keeping mode to to edit the time and date. The seconds display will flash. To move between minutes, hours, year, month and date, press the bottom left button. Pressing the bottom right button once will increase the flashing numbers by one, while holding it down will increase the number rapidly. Press the button on the bottom center of the watch while any of the numbers are flashing to switch between 12- and 24-hour formats.

Turn on the backlight by pressing the centered button on the bottom of the watch face. Pressing this button will illuminate the display for about two seconds.

Set daily, monthly, one month or a single-date alarm. Press the bottom left button until you are in alarm mode. The display will say "AL" in the upper left-hand corner. Press the bottom left button to change between hour, minute, day and month. Press the bottom right button to increase the digits you have selected. When you are finished setting the alarm, press the top right button to return to alarm mode.

All alarms will sound for 20 seconds at the specified time, and pressing any button will silence it. The hourly alarm will sound every hour.

Set the countdown timer. Once you are in timer mode, displayed as "TR" in the top left corner of the display, press the top left button to select the digits you want to set. Press the bottom left button to move between hours, minutes and seconds, and press the bottom right button to increase the selected digits. When the countdown timer is set, press the top left button to return to timer mode. Press the bottom right button while in countdown timer mode whenever you wish to start the countdown.

Navigate to stopwatch mode by pressing the bottom left button until the display reads "ST" in the upper left corner. Press the bottom right button to start the stopwatch. Press the same button to stop the stopwatch, and press the button on the top right to reset.


  • Pressing the bottom left button will change modes. After changing settings in any mode, press the same button to return to the default time-keeping mode.

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