Freestyle Predator Watch Instructions

The Freestyle Predator watch is a digital wristwatch with several features. The watch displays the standard time, day and date, but also includes two daily alarms and a stopwatch that can show split times and record laps, which is good for runners and bikers who track their statistics when training. The watch is easy to set and operate, with responsive buttons on the side of the body and under the timepiece screen.

Setting Time and Date

To set the date on your Predator watch, press and hold the upper left button until the seconds unit starts blinking. If you want to reset the seconds unit to "00," press the "LAP" button under the watch face. Note that if you reset the seconds unit when the unit reads "30" or more, you will increase the minutes unit by one.

Press the lower left button to switch to the hours unit. Press the "LAP" button to increase the hours unit by one. You can change the unit quickly by holding the "LAP" button. Press the lower left button to move to the minutes unit, using the "LAP" button again to adjust the time. Continue in this manner with the same button setup to set the day, year and month. Once all of the adjustments are made, press the upper left button to complete the setting.

Setting the Alarm

You can set two different daily alarms on the Predator watch. To set the alarms, press the lower left button five times. This will put you in "Alarm" mode, which is indicated by the "AL" on the top right corner of the watch face. Press the "LAP" button to switch between "AL1" or "AL2," the two alarm settings. To set the alarm, press and hold the upper left button until the hours unit blinks. Change the unit by pressing the "LAP" button, and press the lower left button to move to the minutes unit. Change the minutes unit with the "LAP" button and press the upper left button to save your alarm setting.

Using the Stop Watch

The Predator watch features a stopwatch function that can run up to 99 hours. The stopwatch measures to 1/100 of a second when less than an hour has passed. To use the stopwatch mode, press the lower left button until "CH" displays on the watch face. Start the stopwatch by pressing the "LAP" button. The stopwatch will continue to run until you press the upper right button, which will reset the counter to all zeroes.

If you want to record lap times, press the "LAP" button while the stopwatch is running. When pressed, the watch will display the lap number and lap time as well as your split time. You can review your lap times at a later time by pressing the lower left button twice to enter "Recall" mode. Scroll through your lap times by pressing the "LAP" button.