Timex 1440 Watch Instructions for Changing the Battery

Learning to change the battery on a Timex 1440 can at first seem overwhelming if you are not used to changing watch batteries. The Timex 1440 Sports Watch features a stopwatch, an Indiglo Night Light, date display and two separate time zones. Changing the battery on a watch can be a daunting experience because it involves opening up the back of the watch and exposing the vital mechanisms. Getting clear instruction on how to change the Timex 1440’s battery can give you the confidence to take on the job.

Turn the watch around to reveal the metallic plate on the underside of the watch face. Locate the four screws on the back of the watch. Use your micro screwdriver to undo the four screws holding the back plate in place. Lift the back cover up from the main body of the watch to reveal the inner mechanisms.

Read the sticker on the back of the watch. Look out for a triangle or arrow pointing outwards to the circuit board. This points to the “All-Clear” pad; which may need to be shorted later to get the new battery working. Remember the direction of this arrow and the “All-Clear” pad, which is a small metallic plate. Carefully remove the sticker covering the battery and put it to one side.

Unscrew the screw holding the battery in place. A strap covers the battery to hold it in place, and this is generally held down by one or two screws. Lift the strap using your micro screwdriver after you’ve removed the screws, it should open up like a door.

Take out the old battery and replace it with the new one. Ensure you have purchased the right type of battery for the watch. Ideally, you can take the old battery with you when purchasing the new one. Put the new battery into place and replace the strap that holds the battery in place. Re-attach any screws.

Turn the watch around and see if it is functioning. If the watch is working, you do not need to short the “All-Clear” pad, which is preferable, as doing so incorrectly can damage the 1440’s electronics. If the watch is not working, turn the watch over again.

Touch the top of the battery and the “All-Clear” pad at the same time with a pair of tweezers or a bent paperclip. The watch may display a series of numbers when this has been done, but it should reset after a moment. Replace the sticker, in the same orientation as when you removed it (with the arrow pointing to the “All-Clear” pad), and re-attach the back of the watch.