About Eyeglass Nose Pads


Eyeglass nose pads are small, usually oval-shaped pieces of material that protect your nose from the frame of your glasses. They sit along the bridge of your nose to prevent slippage. Eyeglass nose pads are attached to the frame of your glasses by a tiny screw. If the pads are too tight or too loose, you can easily adjust them. Eyeglass nose pads can be made of four materials: soft silicone, ceramic, titanium and acetate.

Soft Silicone

Most eyeglass nose pads are made from soft silicone. Soft silicone is a good material for eyeglass nose pads because they are translucent (clear) and stick to the skin without discomfort. Soft silicone nose pads are often advertised as being "hypoallergenic," which means they have a low incidence of causing allergic reactions. However, people with sensitive skin or silicone/latex allergies may exhibit symptoms of silicone allergy when wearing silicone eyeglass nose pads. If your skin is irritated, consult your eye doctor.


Ceramic nose pads are harder than silicone, but they last much longer. Unlike silicone nose pads which can eventually wear out, ceramic nose pads will last the duration of their usage. Because they are made of a firm material, ceramic nose pads can cause discomfort in some people over an extended period of time.


Acetate eyeglass nose pads are made of a hard plastic material. They are primarily used as split-pin nose pads as the metal part that attaches the pad to the frame of the glasses has a tiny split in the middle. This split is where the nose pad is screwed to the frame of the glasses.The process of repairing split-pin nose pads can be done at home, but you should consult an eye doctor or qualified professional beforehand.


Like ceramic nose pads, titanium nose pads are very hard but very durable. Titanium nose pads are made of the metal titanium, which is well-known for its durability and sheen. Titanium nose pads are often paired with expensive (usually titanium) frames. However, because of their price and stiffness, they are less used than soft silicon nose pads.

Cleaning Nose Pads

Eyeglass nose pads should be cleaned regularly. Use a soft, worn toothbrush or another small brush with soft bristles and warm water. Scrub them with the mildest soap you have available, as very strong soaps can strip the nose pads of their protective coatings. Rinse them beneath running water for 30 seconds and blot them dry with a soft cloth. If your nose pads are really dirty, you can purchase an inexpensive eyeglass repair kit. Using a screwdriver from the kit, you can remove the nose pads from the frame and clean them entirely.