Home Remedy for Eyeglass Lens Scratches

by Rosa Lyn ; Updated September 28, 2017

You can fix eyeglass scratches with basic home remedies.

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Most modern eyeglass lenses have a scratch-resistant coating applied. With enough wear and abuse, however, you can still scratch your eyeglass lens. There are several common home remedies used to repair and improve scratched eyeglass lenses.


Mildly abrasive products such as toothpaste, furniture polish or a paste of mustard and vinegar are useful home remedies for scratched lenses. Armor-Etch is another highly recommended product, ideal for coated lenses.


Most home remedies are applied directly to the eyeglass lens and rubbed into the scratched surface with a soft cloth to either fill in or buff away the scratches. Once dry, the product is rinsed off the lens.


Depending on the home remedy you use, the existing scratch-resistant coating may be removed from your eyeglass lenses. Armor-Etch, specifically, works by removing the coating. You can, however, have it reapplied at your eye doctor. In addition, the home remedy you try may not remove all the scratches on your lens, especially if they are very deep.

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