How to Repair Vuarnet Sunglasses

Adrian Peacock/Creatas/Getty Images

If your Vuarnet sunglasses are broken or scratched, you have options on how to repair them. Vuarnet’s signature lenses and durable frames are expensive, so repairing them makes good financial sense. Newly purchased Vuarnets come with a limited one-year warranty covering material defects, but this will not help you if you’ve broken your glasses by mishandling them. However, you can repair your Vuarnet sunglasses to perform like new.

Repair your Vuarnet Sunglasses

Go to the Vuarnet website. Vuarnet offers a one-year limited warranty on sunglasses, and provides customers with information about non-warranty repairs. The company also offers a one-time low-cost replacement option. Find out what the replacement cost for your sunglasses is and compare that cost to the cost of having them repaired.

If you want to maintain your warranty, you can use the certified repair specialist listed on the Vuarnet website, JMar Gifts. As of October 2010, repair costs range from $15.00 to $96, depending on type of repair and model of sunglasses.

Buy a repair kit if your sunglasses are missing screws or nose pads or need tightening. Buying a repair kit is a simple, low cost means of avoiding professional services. These kits are available at drug stores and other stores that sell glasses. Your kit will include replacement screws, a small screwdriver, tweezers and replacement nose pads. Repair kits cost as little as $1.99 as of October 2010.

Repair scratches at home. If your lenses are scratched from normal use, you may want to try to repair the scratches yourself. You can spread toothpaste on a clean lens and let it dry. Then clean the lens with a mild soap and water, and dry with a soft rag. If the toothpaste is not effective, try the same process substituting metal polish. Extremely deep or large scratches will require professional service.

Use a professional repair service. If you want your sunglasses to perform like new and they are out of warranty, you may want to enlist the services of a professional sunglasses repair specialist. Check the yellow pages or use an internet search engine to find a repair service. Specify the model of your sunglasses and whether you want to use actual Vuarnet parts.