How to Take a Pandora Bracelet Apart

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Stop tugging and pulling at your Pandora bracelet and learn the proper way to take it apart. The bracelet is held together with a simple clasp; however, just unclasping the bracelet does not allow you to change the beads. There are two types of decorative beads you can adjust on the bracelet -- the loose beads or charm and the clasping beads. The loose beads slip right off the bracelet when open, but the clasps are a bit harder to remove. Learn the right way to take off the clasps to take the bracelet apart completely.

Release the hook that keeps the bracelet in a circle formation. The easiest way is to pull the clasp handle -- the hook part of the clasp -- downward with a fingernail. Slide the eye of the clasp out of the hook. Release the clasp handle with your fingernail.

Slide off any loose beads, which are next to the clasp. The beads only slide off the end with the eye, not the hook. Do not force the beads off the bracelet.

Remove clasps that are secured to the bracelet. Hold the clasp between your index finger and thumb. Rotate the clasp so the vertical line that runs down one side of the clasp is in sight.

Insert your fingernail, or a clasp opener, into the vertical line. Wiggle your fingernail back and forth to open the clasp. You may need to apply slight pressure to the clasp to open it entirely. Remove the clasp carefully.

Repeat the process with the other clasps attached to the bracelet. Slide the beads off the bracelet.