How to Fix a Squeaky Dress Shoe

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Squeaks in dress shoes are caused by a variety of reasons, from loose heels to walking across a wet surface. The tongues on dress shoes may rub against the shoe, forming loud, squeaky noises. There are different ways to get rid of those squeaks from your shoes.

Check the heel of the dress shoe. If it feels loose, place a drop of contact cement on each side of the shoe heel where it meets the shoe. Hold the heel in place for one minute. Do not wear the shoes for 24 hours to allow the adhesive to bond thoroughly.

Remove the inner sole of the shoe if it is removable. Sprinkle talcum powder into the shoe. Take a paper towel and rub the talcum powder into the sides of the inner shoe. Talcum powder absorbs any moisture that results in squeaking. Replace the inner sole back into the shoe.

Rub saddle soap on the tongue of the shoe. Place a small amount of saddle soap on a rag and rub into the tongue. The saddle soap lubricates the tongue to keep it from squeaking as it rubs against the shoe.

Spray conditioning oil to the exterior of the shoe and rub it in with a clean rag. Replacing lost oils from shoes keeps them from drying out and causing squeaks when walking.