How to Fix Squeaky Soles in Shoes

by Constance Barker ; Updated September 28, 2017

Squeaky shoes are embarrassing, especially if you are walking in a quiet area and everyone hears you coming. Never try to sneak up on someone with wet tennis shoes as you can be heard a mile away. Shoes squeak when wet or from portions of the shoe rubbing against each other, such as the tongue of the shoe rubbing on the shoe itself. There are ways to lower the volume on your squeaky shoes.

Remove the inner sole from your shoes.

Sprinkle talcum powder inside the shoe and replace the inner sole. The powder absorbs any moisture that might have collected under the inner sole.

Place the sole back in the shoe and walk around to allow the powder to absorb deep into the sole.

Apply petroleum jelly or vegetable oil to the bottom of the inner sole if the powder does not work. Put a small amount on a paper towel then rub onto the bottom of the inner sole. Place the inner sole back into the shoe and walk around to disperse the oil into the sole of the shoe.

Spray the underside of the inner sole and any parts of the shoe that rub together with silicone spray if the powder and oil do not work. Allow the spray to soak into the shoes for a few minutes before walking in them.

Dry wet shoes with paper towels, as moisture causes shoes to squeak.

Check the heel on your shoe to make sure it is not loose as that could also result in a squeaking noise. Squeeze a couple of drops of bonding glue in between the heel and the shoe and press together for 30 seconds. Do not wear the shoes for 24 hours to allow the adhesive to bond.

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