How to Clean Nylon Totes Boots

Snowy Winter Boots

dobrinov/iStock/Getty Images

Nylon Totes boots allow you to brave the icy winters without suffering with cold, wet feet. However, jumping through puddles and avoiding slick spots can leave behind unsightly salt and mud stains on your otherwise clean boots. Remove the salt and mud stains in a matter of minutes by creating a safe and effective home remedy from products available in your kitchen or the local grocery store.

Grasp each boot and gently rap the bottoms together to remove any large clumps of dirt, mud and salt. Hold the boots over a garbage can to avoid making a mess.

Scrub off any remaining larger clumps of mud or visible dirt with a plastic scrub brush. An unwanted toothbrush is also effective at removing dirt, mud or salt from hard-to-reach areas.

Create a mixture of 1 tablespoon mild laundry or dish detergent and 1/2 gallon lukewarm water. Stir the water to incorporate the detergent or soap. “Mild” laundry or dish soaps contain no dyes or perfumes.

Dampen a white washcloth with the soapy solution and begin cleaning off your nylon Totes boots. The soapy water is effective at removing dirt and salt. Once the boots are clean, soak a separate white washcloth in plain water and wipe down the boots to remove any soapy residue. Allow the boots to dry.

Examine the boots. If any stains persist, add 2 tablespoons oxygen bleach powder to 1/2 gallon lukewarm water. Stir the water until the oxygen bleach powder is completely dissolved. Work the oxygen bleach solution into the difficult stains. Continue to dampen the washcloth and scrub the stains until they’re completely lifted.

Wipe down the newly cleaned areas with a damp washcloth. Allow the boots to dry completely before wearing.