How to Make Shoe Laces Hang Out

by Andie Francese ; Updated September 28, 2017

There are multiple ways of lacing and tying sneakers. The loose lace, and no-tie commonly go together.

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There are many different shoe and sneaker trends, and thus there are many ways to lace and tie shoes. Turning sneakers into slip-on type shoes through lacing methods is one of the most popular trends. In order to create this look an over-under lacing method must be used.

Place one end of the shoelace in the lowest left eyelet. Do the same on the right eyelet so you have two laces that end up on the inside of the shoe’s tongue.

Thread the left lace across the tongue and feed it into the right eyelet directly diagonal. Repeat the step with the right lace being fed into the left diagonal eyelet.

Repeat step two until you reach the last eyelet on the shoe. The strings will appear to be hanging out of the shoe at this point.

Tie a small knot in the left string by creating a loop and pulling the string through it. Repeat on the right side.

Pull lightly on the second “X” section from the top. This will pull the untied laces slightly tighter to the shoe.

Pull lightly on the first “X” section from the top. This will pull the untied laces a little tighter to the shoe.

Slip your foot into the shoe and move it around slightly from right to left to get the appropriate looseness.


  • This method works best on sneakers with many eyelets. High-tops work best.

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