How to Fold Down a Converse

by Christina Sloane ; Updated September 28, 2017

The classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars high tops began with a simple design – seven eyelets, a colored or plain canvas exterior and a white canvas interior. Since its inception, there have been special knee-high variations, versions with a different colored interior and a “Two Fold” style with an interior set of eyelets underneath the external set of eyelets. If you have original Converse high tops or any other high-top version, you can fold down the excess fabric to make the shoes more comfortable or to show off the special features.

Step 1

Put on the shoes.

Step 2

Lace your shoes up to the fifth hole. If wearing knee-high Converse, lace up to the seventh hole.

Step 3

Tie your shoes normally.

Step 4

Fold down the fabric from the top of the shoe, the same way you would fold down a shirt collar or sock. If wearing the “Two Fold” style, you can leave the interior set of eyelets up or fold them down, depending on your preference.

Step 5

Fold the extra length of tongue down over your laces.

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