Ways to Lace Hyperdunks

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The Hyperdunk is a popular basketball shoe that was worn by the U.S. Olympic team when they won the Summer Olympics in 2008. It is currently worn by Laker Kobe Bryant and Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin. The shoes lace up to the ankles, although many basketball players are comfortable lacing all but the top two laces.


The shoe debuted in 2008 and quickly reached iconic status with the help of a commercial featuring Laker all-star Kobe Bryant jumping over an Aston Martin. The shoe gained a lot of press when Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin wore the shoe in early 2011 and gave talk show host Conan O’ Brien a signed pair. August 2011 will debut the newest edition, the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk, in seven color schemes.


The 2008 pair of Hyperdunks featured an ankle flap with tabs for laces inside the shoe, instead of the traditional outer eyelets. In 2010, the Hyperdunk low debuted with all of the makings of the original Hyperdunk minus the “high-top” or upper part of the shoe. The 2011 edition of the Hyperdunk has a smooth upper high-top with eyelets on the outside of the shoe instead of tabs inside of the shoe. Each edition also premiers new color schemes.

Traditional Lacing

Remove the laces from the shoes. The manufacturer ships the shoes hastily laced. It is always best to start fresh with the laces and lace them yourself. Insert the lace in the two eyelets closest to the toe box, pulling the lace taught and smoothing out the lace so that it lies flat. Check that both laces are the same length.

Pull the left lace through the right eyelet. Pull upward from the bottom to the top of the shoe until the lace is taught. Pull the right lace through the left eyelet. Pull upward from the bottom of the shoe to the top until the lace is taught.

Straighten the laces as you continue to lace up the shoe, alternating from right lace to left eyelet and left lace to right eyelet, creating a diagonal lace pattern. Lace in this manner until you reach the eyelet closest to your ankle. Lace the ankle eyelet from the outside of the shoe to the inside of the shoe. Pull the lace taught and straighten the lace.

Lace the laces through the two inner tabs or eyelets, alternating right lace to left tab/eyelet and left lace to right tab/eyelet until you reach the last tab. Place your foot in the shoe and pull the laces taught. Tie the shoes in a double knot to prevent tripping.

Alternative Lacing

Instead of lacing through the tabs or top eyelets, stop lacing two eyelets below the top of the shoe and tie the laces. This alternate lacing will not provide as much ankle support but may be more comfortable for some.