How to Apply Lace Applique to Shoes

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Lace applique is a decorative lace embellishment that you can add to dresses, purses, shirts, pants and even shoes. Lace applique is a very delicate way to add a touch of the feminine to your wardrobe. You can attach applique lace to shoes to dress them up for a special occasion. This is especially useful to spice up your wedding shoes, prom shoes or shoes for special occasions. You can get iron-on applique lace, but because of the curved surface of most shoes, it's best to use shoe glue or a needle and thread for canvas or fabric covered shoes to attach your applique.

Gluing the Applique

Clean the surface of your shoes with a soft, damp cloth and leave to dry.

Lay the lace applique on your shoes and trim it to size. The lace applique must lie flat on the shoe surface.

Apply a generous amount of glue to the back of the lace applique and to the surface of the shoe where the lace will be attached. Leave both the lace and the shoe to dry until tacky. Press the lace applique onto the surface of the shoe. Use the paper towel to remove any excess glue. Leave the shoe to cure (usually about 24 hours).

Sewing the Applique

If your shoes are canvas or fabric covered, lay the lace applique on the shoe.

Thread the needle and tie it off.

Sew the first stitch through the shoe fabric, but under the lace so that the knot is hidden, and sew up through the shoe and the lace. If your shoes are fabric covered, sew only through the fabric and not through the shoe itself.

Make small stitches all around the edge of the lace. This will keep the lace lying flat against the shoe.